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Principal's Message

Beverly Hills North Public School is fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff working to achieve great things with our students. Our team approach extends to parent groups who are active in providing advice and support.

Our teachers and students strive to achieve exceptional results in literacy and numeracy whilst also ensuring that children experience a wide range of learning opportunities. Our students experience success in activities as diverse as dance, public speaking, choir and band.

Beverly Hills North Public School has developed a strong reputation in the community for outstanding academic performance, high standards of student conduct and exceptional cultural and sporting achievement. Our school focuses on maintaining traditional values, supporting innovative practice in teaching and learning and celebrating outstanding achievement. The school employs highly qualified and dedicated teachers who engage their students through the effective use of information and communication technology, an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and class organisations which specifically cater for gifted and talented students. The school aims to prepare students for life by developing  a wide range of interests and aptitudes. 

Our school pursues academic excellence by implementing quality programs in literacy and numeracy. As a result our school achieves outstanding results in all measures of academic achievement. 

We uphold universal and community values by explicitly teaching good manners and respect for our school rules and values. We aim to instil responsibility, tolerance, honesty and co-operation in all our students. 

Welcome to our wonderful school community.

Neil Reynolds

Beverly Hills North Public School
1-3 Shorter Ave
Beverly Hills 2209
Phone: (02) 9759 3849
Fax: (02) 9740 4372
Email: beverlyhn-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au