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Personal Development/Health/Physical Education

This syllabus is based on a broad notion of health that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s
wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health. It is concerned with developing in students the knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes that will enable them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. It also provides schools with a curriculum framework for teaching and learning related to the health priorities for young people of drug education, fitness and physical activity, child protection and nutrition.
School Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) programs should focus on encouraging students to make informed decisions related to health and physical activity and develop positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Programs should include participation in regular and varied physical education experiences, which provide the foundation for a lifelong commitment to valuing and leading a healthy lifestyle. They should also include systematic and explicit teaching of personal and social skills to give students a basis for resilience and the resourceful management of their own lives.
Student learning in PDHPE will also be enhanced through the use of computer-based technologies. Information technology enables students to locate, access, view and analyse a range of texts, graphics, sounds and images. Students can also use computer technology to design and create information products. The indicators shown in this syllabus include some examples of how students might use different technologies to work towards the achievement of outcomes. The syllabus is designed to give all schools the flexibility to treat sensitive and controversial issues in a manner reflective of their own ethos. While the selection of specific program content and learning approaches is to occur at the school level, learning experiences must be drawn from all strands in each stage.
The partnership between the school and the home will be most productive when both contribute in a consistent manner to the child’s development of positive health behaviours and attitudes. It is important that students are encouraged to understand their own growth and development within the context of their families and communities.
While the syllabus has a clear focus on promoting better health for all, it is acknowledged that not all students enjoy the same opportunities in this regard. Social, economic, environmental and political factors are key determinants of health status. Health inequities may be linked to such factors as race, ethnicity, class, gender, disability, sexuality and age. Sensitivity to the circumstances of individual students is essential in designing appropriate PDHPE programs. It is important for teachers, parents and students to understand that improving health is the responsibility of all members of society.








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