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Creative Arts

This syllabus provides information about teaching and learning in Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. The syllabus is designed to be used by classroom teachers. It is acknowledged that schools may use other staffing arrangements, such as a combination of teachers, specialising in one or more artforms supporting classroom teachers. This syllabus is designed to assist teachers in their understanding of the artforms and in their planning, programming, assessment and reporting of student achievement.

The syllabus caters for the full range of learners and promotes the inclusion of all students.
The Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus forms part of a K–12 continuum, providing foundational learning in the artforms that continues in the subjects of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance in Years 7–12.
Students engage in learning experiences in visual arts, music, drama and dance as part of their natural growth and development. However, learning in each of the artforms does not occur automatically. Regular learning experiences that are thoughtfully planned, sequenced and related are essential for developing students’ skills and knowledge and understanding within the artforms. They also contribute to the development of the whole child. This syllabus acknowledges that Dance is a strand of the PDHPE syllabus. Outcomes in Dance include references to the Dance outcomes in PDHPE. It also acknowledges that a number of schools include Drama within their English programs as well as a method across the curriculum. The focus in this syllabus is on Dance and Drama as artforms.




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