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English Second Language (ESL)


ESL programs are now called EALD programs (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) are offered at BHNPS to meet the needs of LBOTE (language background other than English) students. LBOTE students are those who themselves or whose parents or carers speak a language other than English in the home.
These programs are delivered by either in-class support or by withdrawal for more intensive small-group instruction. Both methods provide specialist language teaching to develop English language competence and to improve learning outcomes to a level where the student can participate fully in schooling. LBOTE students bring with them a diverse range of previous schooling and life experiences and as in the general population, some ESL students have special gifts or talents to be nurtured while others have physical or learning difficulties which require additional support.
At BHNPS we ensure inclusive teaching practices which recognise and value the backgrounds and cultures of all students and promote an open and tolerant attitude towards different cultures, religions and world views.
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