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Learning and Support


Each year the school receives an allocation of time to employ support teachers to assist students with their learning. Class teachers select students who they believe will benefit from this additional support and who meet the LaS criteria. An emphasis is placed on supporting students in the K-3 area.


The LaS program assists students in literacy and comprises 30 minute sessions in small groups. Ms Latimer takes the groups, which are predominantly on a withdrawal basis. The focus is on reading fluency and accuracy, the automatic recognition of high frequency words, phonics skills to sound out unfamiliar words that are regular, and phonemic awareness skills so students are able to both segment words into all its sounds (necessary for spelling phonically) and to blend sounds to make a word (essential skill in order to decode words).  Students’ knowledge of vocabulary, both what the word says and what it means is extended as well as their ability to comprehend what is read at the literal and inferential levels using a range of text types.


In addition several students are identified for Multilit (making up for lost time in literacy) program. This is one-to-one tuition over several weekly sessions. The Learning and Support Teachers are trained in Multilit and tutor students on an individual basis from Yr 2 upwards. The Multilit Word Attack Skills program offers intensive and systematic instruction in phonic word attack skills in a hierarchical skills sequence. Another facet is the 200 Multilit sight words which increase fluent connected-text reading, improve reading comprehension and build confidence and self-esteem in reading ability. Students consolidate these skills through Reinforced Reading which is based on pause, prompt, praise using levelled reading material. When the students have completed Multilit they progress to the Multilit Word Attack Skills Extension program. This has been designed to reinforce the phonic word attack skills mastered in Multilit, help readers who continue to need support in reading at word and text level and extend students’ word attack skills by teaching strategies to decode multi-syllable words.


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