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Learning Support Team (LST)

The Learning Support Team is a whole-school planning and support system formed for the purpose of addressing the learning support needs of students through the coordination, implementation and evaluation of individual, class-based and whole-school programs. The main function of the LST is to ensure that the learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs of all students in the school are being met.

The team includes:



  • The Coordinator, the Deputy Principal
  • The School Counsellor

  • Teacher representatives

  • Specialist staff including the Learning and Support and ESL teachers.

  • Other specialist personnel (e.g. the school employed speech pathologist, regional Assistant Principal Learning and Support staff etc.) attend as necessary.

The LST at Beverly Hills North Public School meets once a week to discuss new referrals and review the progress of identified students requiring additional support or challenge. Before students are referred to the LST, the class teacher meets with the child's parents to discuss the child's needs and developmental/medical/academic history, and makes appropriate adjustments in the classroom to cater for these needs. If a referral is deemed necessary, the LST discusses the child and determines appropriate action and support. Initial action could include counsellor referral for additional assessments (e.g. IQ test, language screener, etc.) or casework.  It could also include a recommendation for the student to have their sight or hearing tested.  In some cases, a paediatric referral is recommended.  With a range of evidence collected, the LST then assists the classroom teacher and parents to implement support strategies that are tailored to the student's learning/social/emotional/behavioural needs.  The student may also be referred to additional support programs including Speech and Language, Learning and Support, English as a Second Language etc.

The school employs two Learning and Support Teachers to oversee the assessment of students needs and strategies to be used by class teachers to best meet student needs. They also plan the implementation of the Speech and Language groups, Rip It Up Reading program (4 days), Minilit / Macqlit and peer tutoring.


These strategies and programs are reviewed regularly by the team and parents are strongly encouraged to keep in regular contact and play an active role in the home-school partnership.

Learning and Support Teachers - Mrs Latimer and Mrs Holden



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