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Parents & Citizens

The Beverly Hills North Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and its fundraising subcommittee, the Parents’ Auxiliary, are school-based organisations consisting of parents, teachers and interested citizens that support and enrich the quality education of our students through:

 -        Promoting the interest of our school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation.

-        Assisting in providing facilities and equipment for our school and promote the recreation and welfare of the students at our school.

-        Encouraging parent and community participation in curriculum and other educational issues in the school.

-        Assisting and cooperating with teaching staff at public functions associated with the school.

Our P&C is governed by a constitution and there is a membership fee of 50c per year to ensure voting rights.  This may be paid at any P&C meeting. 

P&C Executive Committee 2015

President:                     Anna Malliaros
Vice President:              Stanley Banh
Vice President:              Mohamad Hamad
Secretary:                     Linda Oral
Assistant Secretary :                     Safa Hamodeh< Treasurer:                      Hannan

Get Involved
P&C and Auxiliary Meetings provide an opportunity to meet with other parents and take part in the decisions and discussions that influence your children.  It is a forum to discuss current school issues and provides a great opportunity to contribute feedback.   The Principal gives a report and updates us on any issues involving the school and education. 

Important decisions are made at P&C meetings such as the allocation of funds raised by the Parents’ Auxiliary. These funds are used to purchase items requested by the school executive, teachers and parents to enhance the resources available to our children at the school.  Decisions are made democratically by a majority of members.

We always welcome new faces and new ideas.  If you have an item you would like to be discussed at a P&C meeting, you can contact us either through a message at the School Administration office or by email at

Meeting Times:
Parents & Citizens Committee
When:          Third Tuesday of each month during the school term
Time:            7.30pm for approx. 1 hour
Where:         Staffroom

Parents’ Auxiliary
When:          Third Monday of each month during the school term
Time:            9.05am for approx. 1 hour
Where:         Near the Canteen / Tiered Learning Area (during the cooler months)

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of our meetings are available at any meeting and will be uploaded to the website.

Current Projects

The P&C and Parent’s Auxiliary are currently co-funding with the school:

-        A new Year 3 to Year 6 outdoor area

-       Further technological resources to support 21st Century learning

Past Projects

Previously the P&C and Parents’ Auxiliary have funded, either solely or jointly with the school:

-      A new Kindergarten to Year 2 Playground

-      $18,000 worth of iPads

-   AMultipurpose play areas

-      Interactive whiteboards and commboxes to classrooms

-      $15,000 worth of mathematics resource kits for every classroom and quality literature to support reading instruction in every classroom.

-      Air conditioners to classrooms

-      Digital cameras

You are welcome to join in any of the activities of the P&C or the Parents’ Auxiliary and if you are unable to attend the meetings but would like to be involved, you can offer your help when the Auxiliary promotes an upcoming function through the school newsletter.

The P&C and Parents’ Auxiliary activities are only possible with the continued support of parents and community helpers. Our goal is to promote and support the activities of the school which contributes to our children’s overall education and enjoyment of their time at BHN.

Anna Malliaros



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