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Early Stage 1

The Early Stage One curriculum provides students with strong foundations on which to build upon in their future years of schooling. Exciting new concepts are explored as students learn the basics of reading, writing and early arithmetic strategies. Learning experiences are largely hands-on in nature, allowing students to develop their understandings through fun and engaging experiences.

 The emphasis at this stage is on fostering confidence within all students and encouraging each and every one of them to take risks in their learning as they encounter new challenges. Kindergarten teachers at BHNPS aim to create a supportive classroom environment in which all students feel comfortable to express themselves and develop their abilities.
During the first weeks of school, all Kindergarten students participate in a collection of literacy and numeracy assessments known as Best Start. This is a NSW DET initiative which aims to provide teachers with information on each individual student’s knowledge and abilities in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Kindergarten teachers at BHNPS conduct a range of assessments across all of the subject areas with their students throughout the year. This information is then used by Kindergarten teachers to develop individualised learning programs which cater for the needs of all students within each class. The learning experiences and resources developed by Kindergarten teachers at BHNPS are modified where necessary to both aid and extend students’ learning.
During Term One, Kindergarten students participate in a unit titled ‘School Days’, which provides them with an introduction to school routines, values, rules and the school environment. During their first term of school students become familiar with school processes such as borrowing books from the library; visiting the computer laboratory; purchasing items from the school canteen; collecting items from the lost property room; seeking teacher assistance in the playground during recess and lunch and attending school assemblies. As part of this introduction to school life, Kindergarten teachers at BHNPS explicitly model the social skills that students at this stage of development require to effectively interact with their peers. Students are provided with opportunities in their classroom to practise and develop their manners and vocabulary, to assist them in achieving positive interactions with their peers.
Throughout the year students in Early Stage One participate in weekly sport sessions to develop their gross motor skills and fitness levels. The sport programs delivered are designed to build students’ strength, endurance and coordination. During the year students participate in an exciting gymnastics program in which they experience tumbling, rolling, balancing and bouncing activities. Another highlight of the year is when fitness and creative arts combine in our end-of-year Kindergarten Orientation performance. Students participate in weekly dance lessons, culminating in a performance involving the whole grade.
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