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Stage 1

The Stage One Curriculum builds on the foundation skills developed in Early Stage One. Students participate in quality educational programs, developed by our dedicated staff. Students’ varied learning needs are recognised and programs are modified to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Learning experiences in Mathematics and English always include variations to meet the needs of the different learning styles and abilities across Stage One.

Reading is taught explicitly within Stage One classrooms and consolidated through the K-2 home reading program. Parent volunteers are trained at the beginning of each year and work intensively with individual students once every week. Students are given a new book each week to read at home every night, as part of their homework. This provides additional opportunities for students to consolidate the reading skills acquired in class. Throughout Year One, students are selected from each class to participate in the Alphabites and Star Readers programs. These reading programs are run within school hours and utilise community volunteers and peer tutors. These programs provide students with intensive assistance in further developing their reading skills.
In Stage One, students are offered opportunities to foster their creativity through performing arts programs such as Junior Choir, Band, Drama Club and Dance Group. Year Two participate in recorder lessons, in which they are given the opportunity to learn to read music and play a variety of simple tunes. Students showcase their talents at both regional and school level performances throughout the year. In addition to this, all Year Two students take part in a whole grade dance item in Term Four, which they perform at the K-2 Presentation Day. It is a very exciting and proud time for the students and their families!
Stage One students also have the opportunity to participate in other extra-curricular clubs including the Gardening Club, StoryChasers and The Public Speaking competition. In both Year One and Year Two classes a representative and a reserve for the Student Representative Council are elected through peer nomination. These students act as the voice of their peers by attending SRC meetings regularly to share the concerns and ideas of their classmates and assist in making decisions about whole school matters.
Stage One sporting programs continue to build on the students’ gross motor skills, coordination and game skills. For one term Stage One students take part in a gymnastics program which is delivered by highly qualified and experienced specialist staff.
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