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Stage 2

Stage 2 builds upon the skills and knowledge learnt in Stage 1 with an emphasis on increased responsibility, independence and developing good learning work habits. This year we have seven Stage Two classes, comprising a composite Year 3/4 class, three Year 3 classes and three Year 4 classes, catering for different ability levels. Our mathematics program is based on Year 3 and Year 4 ability groupings. All groups follow the maths scope and sequence to ensure consistency across the stage. Stage Two teachers do not use text books for any subject area. Students are usually asked to complete a small amount of maths homework each night and this is usually set by the maths group teacher. Practising the multiplication tables is encouraged by all teachers.

Stage Two offers a variety of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities for students. All students in Year 3 sit for the NAPLAN tests (National assessment) which are held in May. These tests provide valuable information to help guide our teaching and learning. Each year many of our students sit for the Opportunity Class (OC) tests in Year 4. Successful students are offered a place in a Year 5 & 6 OC class in another school.
Students have the opportunity to participate in the Premier’s Spelling Bee. Last year our two school representatives performed competitively alongside other students and schools in the region. Spelling is taught across the stage, with most classes working in groups to cater for various ability levels. The weekly list is comprised of core Year 3 and Year 4 words, phonemes and theme words connected to HSIE and Science units currently being explored. The amount of spelling words assigned to each student can vary. Spelling words are usually a part of nightly homework.

Reading is also encouraged, with some teachers asking students to fill in a weekly reading log. All students have participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge since their enrolment at Beverly Hills North. Many will receive their gold certificates. Stage Two students are able to sit for the ICAS Writing, English, Maths and Science tests conducted by the University of NSW.
Stage 2 HSIE and Science units are inquiry focused. These investigations usually involve student centred learning, with students being active in the construction of their knowledge. They are many opportunities for students to use a variety of thinking skills as they develop and consolidate their understanding. In Term 3, Stage 2 will hold their Human Body Exhibition in the school hall.
Students in Stage Two have the opportunity to be involved in extra-curricula activities including band, choir, public speaking, chess and the gardening club. Representatives are elected to the Student Representative Council. These extra-curricula activities are usually held during lunchtimes.
Stage two students are now part of the primary section of the school, so attend Years 3-6 assemblies and are involved in primary sport. Stage Two students also attend the primary swimming carnival, athletics carnival and cross-country. They are grouped in their sport houses at these sporting events. Gymnastics skills are taught to stage two classes and many students participate in P.S.S.A. interschool sport.
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