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Aim of this policy At Beverly Hills North we seek to provide a safe and supportive environment in which all students, teachers, parents and school community members can fully participate in school life. We believe it is the right of all individuals to be free of bullying in our school community. Bullying is not tolerated in our school. At Beverly Hills North we acknowledge that bullying can be harmful to a person?s health, wellbeing, educational and social development. Responsibility to prevent and respond to bullying All members of our school community have a shared responsibility to both prevent and respond to bullying. Our school has clearly defined procedures to address bullying though the Welfare Policy. Through the curriculum, students are explicitly taught developmentally appropriate knowledge, skills and strategies to support their own wellbeing and resilience. The school utilises the Bounce Back Wellbeing and Resilience Program, which is a preventative whole school social and emotional learning program. The program seeks to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in students, enabling them to act resiliently when faced with challenges and adversity. Definition of bullying Bullying is defined as: deliberate and invariably repeated harmful verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour by more powerful individuals or groups against those who are less powerful. Bullying can be direct or indirect. Cyberbullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies. Conflict between children is a normal part of growing up and conflicts are to be expected. Therefore it is common for childhood conflict to be mistaken for bullying. Bullying is not when occasional or isolated arguments or physical fighting arises between students of similar or equal strength or power. Examples of bullying and other inappropriate behaviours Some examples of bullying behaviours are provided below. Examples of inappropriate behaviours are also provided. While these behaviours are similarly also not tolerated, it is these behaviours which are likely to be exhibited at times of conflict between students. The examples highlight the underlying difference between bullying and other inappropriate behaviours, that is the repeated and inappropriate use of power by bullies, over less powerful students who in no way deserve that treatment. There is a copy of the BHN Bullying Policy included in the Student Wellbeing policy. It details how the school responds to bullying behaviour.
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