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Maths Olympiad

About the Olympiads

  • The annual APSMO Olympiads consist of 5 separate contests, 1 per month from May to September.

  • BHN can enter teams of up to 30 students in the Olympiads.

  • Students compete on an individual basis and must complete each of the 5 contest papers to be eligible for awards.

  • Team scores are calculated after the 5th contest by the sum of the top 10 overall student scores within the team.

Aims of the APSMO Olympiads

  • To introduce students to important mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies and develop flexibility for problem solving
  • To foster creativity and ingenuity and strengthen intuition
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and enjoyment for mathematics
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

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